April 12, 2022
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STEP Project Granted Funding through the Ohio Department of Higher Education and the Ohio Department of Education

The Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) and the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) recently announced collaborative awards for the Ohio Grant Program addressing educator shortage. 奖金总计$5.2 million will be shared among 29 four-year public and independent colleges and universities that have chancellor-approved educator preparation programs, 包括那些与学区合作的, 教育服务中心, 社区大学.

维滕伯格获得了130美元的奖励,000 from the Ohio Grant Program for the Springfield Teacher Education Pathway (STEP) Project in collaboration with Clark State College and the Springfield City School District (SCSD).

“This is great news,” said Brian Yontz, associate professor of education and chair of the department. “STEP项目本质上是Wittenberg之间的合作, Clark State, and the Springfield City School District to increase the diversity of a number of teachers Wittenberg prepares to be hired in the SCSD and other school districts across the state.”

Wittenberg, Clark State, and the SCSD have a long history of collaboration and are in a critical period to sustain influence on the learning and development of children in the community and the grant will help in these areas.

“由于没有足够的教育工作者参与这项工作,凤凰国际集团正面临着生存的威胁,” Yontz added. “The Springfield educational community is experiencing trends that are occurring nationally in teacher preparation. Our nation (and local community) has seen a decrease in traditional educator preparation program enrollment over the past decade.”

This project is designed to utilize newly launched transfer agreements between Clark State and Wittenberg to produce more educators for the SCSD. By investing in these preservice teachers who already have a connection with the Springfield community, 合作伙伴们预计多样化的数量将会增加, well-prepared educators who will impact the children and adolescents in the SCSD in the near future and, hopefully, 在未来的几年里.

Wittenberg and the SCSD have a formal partnership agreement that is focused on the education of educators and opportunities for 大学学分 coursework. Wittenberg and Clark State have formal articulation agreements for obtaining teacher licensure. 克拉克州立大学和SCSD也有着悠久的合作历史. STEP项目的管理团队将包括来自每个实体的一个人, 该小组每年将召开三次会议,以确保项目流程的完成.

“Perhaps most important to this project is the near perfect laboratory the Springfield City School District provides for teacher preparation,” Yontz said. “The SCSD has outstanding educators who serve as exceptional mentors for those studying to enter the classroom. 学院为约7,000名学生提供服务,拥有超过500名持证教职员工. The student population of the SCSD is primarily economically disadvantaged children and adolescents and is exactly 50 percent non-white.

“SCSD的对外重点是培养有效的沟通者, collaborative, resilient, 经济独立, and contribute to community provides the model that the next generation of teachers need exposure to for developing a lifelong commitment to educating the youth of Ohio,” Yontz added. “But, 就像全国其他公立学区一样, SCSD需要更多的各级教育工作者. 截至2月10日, 2022, SCSD有17个不同的教学职位招聘, 大多数集中在初级和干预专家执照领域. The STEP project will increase the number of teachers—as they are being prepared in a diverse and welcoming school district.”

STEP项目投资于首次在克拉克州立大学入学的学生, 转入维滕贝格的教师教育项目, 最终由SCSD开发并受雇于SCSD. 目前,所有威滕贝格学生的20%来自克拉克县和39.2%的学生来自克拉克或相邻的两个县. This project targets students who have existing ties to the Springfield/Clark County area and are likely to remain in this region as professional educators. Likewise, a goal of the STEP project is to increase the recruitment of high-quality teacher candidates from diverse backgrounds, 符合凤凰国际集团的使命.

Wittenberg has a long history of preparing outstanding educators through its nationally accredited teacher education program that produces candidates that show a 95 percent passage rate on all Ohio licensure exams, 绩效考核超过全国平均水平, 学区雇主的持续积极评价.

Funding for the STEP project will be primarily used for scholarships for Clark State students who have earned the associate of applied science (AA) and wish to transfer to Wittenberg to complete their P-5 primary license and/or the intervention specialist license. 从2022年春季开始(2023年春季再次开始), students who are enrolled in their final year of the AA program at Clark State will be informed and advised of this option, and will be given information on how to continue their work toward becoming a professional teacher at Wittenberg.

Each student participating in the STEP project in 2022-23 and 2023-24 will be provided an annual scholarship toward Wittenberg tuition and fees. Wittenberg will guarantee that the students who remain enrolled in the teacher education program, 2024年夏天之后, 在完成课程之前,是否会提供同等的奖学金. 

专业发展课程, 招聘策略, and lessons learned throughout this project will be important to disseminate to other K-12 school districts, 高等教育机构, 及相关专业团体. 

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